Dominican Cigars for Los Angeles events imported from Santiago and provided for Los Angeles area cigar events


Our cigars are rolled using premium grade tobacco and quality Maduro or Connecticut shade wrapper leaves. Cigar “aficionados” will be thoroughly pleased with the flavor, burning and aroma. The quality of our cigars are significantly different than those found in gas stations or pharmacies in the U.S.


Cigars are categorized by two measurements: It’s ring gauge (diameter) and its length. Robusto cigars are normally 51/2 inches long with a 50 ring gauge, while Churchill cigars are 7 inches long with a 50 ring gauge. The length of the cigar determines the smoking time, which can help you determine the timing of your event. On average, a Robusto cigar will smoke for between 30 to 40 minutes, whereas a Churchill cigar will give the smoker between 45 minutes to an hour of smoking pleasure.


Maduro wrapper leaves are deep brown to black in color and will produce a cigar which is rich and flavorful. Connecticut shade wrapper leaves are golden in tone and will produce a cigar with a smooth and mild flavor.


Which ever cigar length and wrapper leave you choose, your guests will have an extraordinary smoking experience.




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SoHo box of Dominican cigars from CF Dominicana
Best Dominican cigars for Los Angeles cigar events


Cigars, imported from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua are used for all of our L.A. Events.

Tribeca box of 7 inch cigars from CF Dominicana

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