Every event has an objective to impress and engage guests.


Cigar Roller features have been provided by CF Dominican Cigars for over 15 years with Los Angeles as the major market for the brand. Now with over 26 cities where we have resident cigar rollers, CF Dominican brings this unique experience to you and your guests.


Golf outings from L.A. To Palm Desert are common and the wedding demographic grows as we design custom cigar bands matching the Bride’s maids dress color for extra attention to details. Corporate events are the biggest followers of cigar related events a the majority are avid cigar lovers. The added visual of the cigar roller adds the “wow factor” that sends your event “over the top” with corporate guests and clients.


When you send in the contact form with the date, location, guest count, etc. We will have a quote that you can revise, all of our quotes are editable by clients so that you maintain control of your budget and get the best matching features for the entire presentations.


You will have an in-house planner to consult as to the type of cigar and the overall planning as these essentials are critical for success on your Big Day.


Contact us with any questions by phone also, we look forward to hearing from you.




Cigar Roller at event

Cigar Roller events are performed in Los Angeles for Golf, Wedding and Corporate events. All cigars are imported and not made anywhere in Southern California



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Cigar Roller at L.A. event
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